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August 30, 2010

I Haven't Gone Anywhere!!!!

So, for some ODD reason I haven't been able to access my Blogger from my computer which is a Mac...I have NO idea why! *sad face* BUT at the moment I'm on a PC and can get to it just fine, as you can see.
Like, I can see my blog if I type in the URL but I can't get to my homepage where I can post and stuff. It keeps saying that Blogger has changed it's settings or something and I have to switch my accounts from Gmail to somethin...I really don't know what the big hoopla is all about but I'd like for it to get fixed PDQ!! (Pretty Darn Quick)
It's been driving me insane not being able to posts and update myself on everyone's blogs that I follow...like seriously it's been heart-wrenching. I HATE IT!
So, please pray that everything gets fixed so I won't have to find a PC anytime I need some Blogger in my life!
Peace, love, and happiness!
P.S--It feels SOOOO incredibly good to be able to post again!

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