The Simplest Things Are Often The Truest

April 24, 2010

This Means You!

What goes on in the dark WILL eventually come to light.
Karma doesn't play favorites.
You are not an exception..
You are the rule!!

Chew on that

April 20, 2010

I remember...

When my life made sense.

Once upon a time, it did.

Sigh...too much goin on...I REALLY, DESPERATELY need a break.
Like, NOW!! Before I EXPLODEDDDDDDD!!!!!

Frustration at it's ultimate finest....

Ima talk to God...and call it a night *sigh*

April 9, 2010


What an overused term.
If you type in "Most overused, overrated term" into Google, the word "love" surely has got to pop up.
So what exactly is love???
I mean, is it a feeling we get when we see someone/thing that we simply cannot resist?
I guess it is at the user's discretion because everyone seems to have a different meaning for it.

I've been thinking lately, "What exactly is love and what does it mean to love someone or be in love with them?"
So...when I thought of love the first thing that came to my mind was "unconditional."

Un.con.di.tion.al [uhn-kuhn-dish-uh-nl]
1. Not limited by conditions; absolute

This is the meaning of unconditional...Not Limited ...meaning without boundaries, in spite of, regardless of, in defiance of...No Matter What

God. That is my next thought. After EVERYTHING that I've done, ALL of the sins I've committed, ALL of the bad things I've thought or held in my heart, ALL of the times I've ignored Him, ALL of the times I've chosen to take matters into my own hands and trust myself instead of Him, ALL of the times I've not forgiven others as He has forgiven me...after ALL of this, He still loves me.
He has placed absolutely no boundaries, no limits on me/us and the love He shares. He didn't say you've got one more time, or if you promise to stop doing this or that, or I'll shed my Grace on you if...
Wow! So, how many times do WE do this? To God even..."Lord, if you help me pass this test I promise I'll get my act together", "If you heal me this one last time I'll stop fornicating"...
How often do WE put limits on GOD...as if He ISN'T ALMIGHTY...???

God loves us and still, continuously decides to show His Grace and Mercy toward us day in and day out even after we slap Him in the face. Even after we crush His heart and hurt His feelings...
It kind of reminds me of puppies...and NO, I am NOT comparing God to animals, just listen...
When puppies do something bad and we discipline them, they want to snuggle right up under us. They don't run away or show us that they are mad at us for scolding them or show us how much we have hurt them but immediately after, and sometimes during their whoppings, they draw closer near to us. See the connection? Unconditional, In spite of, Even though, No matter what...STILL LOVE YOU

Anyhow, I believe I have found my answer..eureka! Lol even though I pretty much already knew
What is love? GOD..God is Love
Now that my friends is my definition of Love

April 7, 2010

Classic Love!

Janet...Miss Jackson If You're Nasty
I LOVE her. Always have, always will!
This is one of my FAVORITES!
P.S. Make sure you pause the music to the right ---> before playing the video! ;)

Rough Draft

It just hit me!!

Your Past Should Not Be A Rough Draft...

Instead, make it a template.
With a rough draft, we write it all out and have carefully, and maybe sometimes not so carefully, chosen the words we use. We may have been in a big rush at the time of writing it just to be able to hand something in and at some parts we did not thoughtfully consider exactly what it was we were writing. It is not until after we have proofread that rough draft that we discover the mistakes we made and we want to go back and change everything (This is your past).
But, no! That's not what we want to do...we don't want a rough draft. All of the reediting that comes along with it is just fine for a rough draft but unfortunately, our pasts can't be changed. Do not try to. Don't make it a rough draft...make it a template.
Making it a template allows you to look at it, look over it, and make an example of it. See what you did on that rough draft but instead of attempting to change everything around, use it and add to it. And don't keep that template around for too long. Get what you need from it, what it is that you need to change, and put it away until you need it again. Continuously looking over it will only be detrimental to you...It will cause you to continue to dwell on your past and the mistakes you've made and that's unhealthy. In order to move forward we have got to move on and move past.
In essence, let go of your past. Pass it on to God. Sit it as His feet and leave it there. Repent to Him and Let It Go. Clear your hearts and clear your mind and receive God's peace that passes ALL understanding.
I love God, I love you, and I'm learning to love me.

-God's Lil Princess

My Vows

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are." -Roy Disney

Man, oh man, oh man...choices. Choices are a huge part of life. We've all heard it..."For every action there is a reaction." Isn't that like some law of nature or something?! I don't know, but it should be if it's not because it is SO true. Whether the decision you make is positive or negative, there will be "consequences" for that choice.
I am learning, living, and experiencing this right now. I have made some great choices and I've made some not so great choices. But in the end, all of the decisions that I've made for the past 201/2 have made me into the person that I am today.
I entitled this post, My Vows, because from this day forth, with the help of My Father, big changes will be taking place in my life. I am ridiculously tired of me...and by that I mean I am tired of the way I'm living and want, no WHOLE HEARTEDLY DESIRE, a CHANGE. And with God's help, I'm sure 'nuff gonna get there!
So this post is dedicated to me and the changes WE (God and I) are making and the things I'm vowing not only to myself but to God (Yes, that just made it 2,000 times more serious!)

Without further ado, I present to you, My Vows
On this day, April 7, 2010 I, Ashli Brooke Johnson vow to:
-Put God FIRST always. Even when I THINK I've got it
-Read my Bible more so that I get a full, detailed understanding of my Father
-Take better care of myself...in all aspects of life. This includes taking care of my body, getting enough rest, not putting toxins and waste into my body, etc.
-Not let any man touch me or anything of that nature lest he be my HUSBAND
-Avoid things and people that bring me down and kill my spirit
-Pay better and more careful attention to my family/little sis
-Take care of the blessings God has given me
-Have more passion and heart for things that will not reward me in the end
-Get my joy back..and keep it
-Say what I mean and mean what I say
-Be honest..always. Even if the truth may hurt a little
-Discover me and stay true to myself
-Enjoy the simple things
-Practicewhat I preach
-Take part in things that my heart truly desire
-Not waste my God-given talent
-Pray that my mind and my heart find a common ground
-Love my enemies and do good to those who hurt me or are out to hurt me
-Not judge people..even in my mind
-Thank God more
-Forgive, forgive, forgive
-Talk to God more and seek His face on a daily basis
-Be the best ME that I was created to be and embrace who God has made me to be
-Strive to a mirror image of the woman described in Proverbs 31

These are My Vows and I'm sticking to them! It won't be easy but God didn't promise smooth sailing...He promised a safe landing and that is all that I expect.
I love God, I love you, and quite importantly...I'm learning to love me.
I thank God for life, air, His ever-so sufficient grace, and another day.
God bless you

-God's Lil Princess