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August 10, 2010

I Do!...I Do???

Marriage. What a huge, meaningful....SCARY WORD!!!
We've all thought about it be us man or woman.
I will be turning 21 on Friday (Whoo-hoo!!!) and I've come to realize that well obviously, I'm getting older and marriage may be in my future, possibly my near future if that's what God has planned.
Does that not sound scary?! Yes, yes it does! I don't even have a boyfriend at the moment or a person of interest for that matter! And my last relationship was in 2008...yea, I know!
I definitely want to be married to my soulmate some day but at the time, the thought of being married seems so....i n t a n g i b l e.
Like, I can't see myself living with a man, sharing my bed with a man, sharing my bathroom, my closet, my drawers, my space with a man.
But on the flip side, I can definitely see someone genuinely loving me, waking up every morning to someone I can call my own, holding hands with someone and it mean more than just 2 sweaty palms touching each other, loving someone unconditionally flaws and all. THAT I look forward too. *Smile*
But am I truly ready to hold on through thick and thin, through sickness and health, through the good times and the bad, through the "I love you with all my heart's" and the "I absolutely can't stand you today's", til death does us part??? Food for thought I suppose.
Marriage is not a play-thing!
All-in-all, I will continue to pray that God prepare me mentally and physically for holy matrimony and send my husband (that feels so weird to type) my way when he is ready for me to have him.
What are your thoughts on the "M" word?!

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  1. Umm well ya know wiht me being already married and all..... LOL! Well I have a grrrreat husband so that always makes it better :)